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Doodle4Google Offers Indian Children a Chance to Express Themselves Creatively

Doodle4Google is a yearly event that allows children from India to submit their own design of the famous Google logo, with the theme “India’s gift to the world”. Submissions are grouped into three categories, based on the class the children are currently enrolled into, and a winner is selected from each category. This year, more than 155,000 doodles have been received, and 45 were selected for the final stage, in which the winner is chosen based on the number of votes received from all over the world. After that, one winning doodle will be featured on Google India home page on Children’s Day (November the 14th), and a grant will be awarded to the child’s school.

The drawings show what particular aspects of the Indian culture children recognize as important or unique in the world, thus helping them develop a national identity and pride in their country’s achievements. In the category reserved for the youngest children (class 1-3), my favorite submission is that by Vrushi Gala, which combines the technological developments made in India (the world’s smallest car, Nano), with the natural beauty of the country, its rivers and the mango fruit.

Vrushi Gala Doodle for "India's Gift to the World"

For the group of children in classes 4 to 6, S. Pranav sent in a very complex and well thought design, which focuses on a combination of traditional and modern India, while, in the last category, the Google Doodle that impressed me most was that by Raghvi Bhatia (, with neatly packed Google letters to resemble presents – in my opinion, this doodle is so good it could have been designed by a professional.

"Spectacular Contribution of India" Doodle from S. Pranav

Speaking of professional designs, the “original doodler”, Dennis Hwang, offers recommendations and tips to children entering the Doodle4Google contest, such as focusing on shapes that complement the letters of the logo and on colors that fit well with the white background. Hwang will also be the one who decides the winning doodle (which may or may not be one of those voted by the public). All in all, this contest is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their creativity and to think what matters to them in their own native country, with a chance to change the appearance of the world’s most popular search engine for a day.

"From India With Love" Doodle from Raghvi Bhatia

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