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110th anniversary of André Malraux

110ème anniversaire d'André Malraux

Today, Google celebrates the 110th anniversary of André Malraux by doodling him. He is certainly extraordinaire in the history of France. The most influential piece of art gaining worldwide attention is his novel entitled “Man’s Fate” (“La Condition Humaine”) for which he won Prix Goncourt. Although he could be described as an adventurer, he is a man of several faces who has undoubtedly impacted the world by his works in culture, literature and art and created movements that are continued to date.

As you expect odd things in the life of all great figures, he had been suffering from vocal and motor tics which is referred to by some researchers as Tourette’s syndrome, his parents divorced when he was a young boy and his grandfather committed suicide. None of these stopped him from becoming a great figure. After extensively traveling China and Indochina he came with his famous novel “La Condition Humaine” in 1933 which was preceded by a number of other novels which mostly reflect his personal experiences during his explorations. It was about the same time in 1930s when he became an active anti-fascist during the Spanish civil war. Out of his personal touch with the war and through his unique way of writing he created another piece of art, “L’Espoir”, which was published while the war was still going. Soon the world experienced World Wide II and his contributions to allied powers brought him “Croix de guerre” and “Distinguished Service Order” from France and Britain.

After the war, General Charles de Gaulle appointed him as the Minister of Information and he continued to serve all de Gaulle’s presidency as the Minister of State and later Minister of Culture Affairs. During these years he expressed his ideas and brought out his books on art. He died in 1976 but his ashes were moved to Panthéon in Paris 20 years later in honor of his contributions.

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