Veterans Day 2011. Google Doodle Honors Troops

On Veterans Day, Google honored troops by changing the Google Doodle to an image of a yellow ribbon tied around an oak tree. It is common for Google to change the Doodle on holidays and days of remembrance, and this one was especially poignant for many people.

The yellow ribbon has been symbolic of the armed forces for hundreds of years and was made especially famous by Hollywood movies, often worn as a neckerchief by cavalry officers. There have been many wars where people showing support for the troops have tied ribbons around the trees in their front yard, allowing anyone walking by to see exactly how they feel about the troops. By putting this on the Google Doodle, Google showed the world that they support the men and women serving in the armed forces. This is a brave show for a company to take during two very unpopular wars, a stance that caused much political debate during the Gulf War, as it often times meant agreement with the war itself. This has changed somewhat in recent years however, as many people are attaching the yellow ribbons to their cars that may also have bumper stickers protesting for peace. The yellow ribbon has become more of a neutral stance, showing support for the troops but not necessarily anything beyond that. It has also been a tradition to tie a yellow ribbon to a tree while waiting for some who has been away to come home, especially when a loved one is serving in the armed forces.

For Google, a Doodle to honor troops on a world wide basis it shows strong world wide solidarity. The yellow ribbon is used worldwide, very commonly as a symbol of hope and support. In Denmark and Sweden it is an unofficial symbol of support of the troops, sometimes even attached to the uniforms themselves.

There is no better way for a Google Doodle to honor troops than a yellow ribbon,reminding us all what the veterans have done for our country.