Thanksgiving Day 2011

Google has rolled out a new Google doodle in order to celebrate the Thanks giving day of 2011. This great Google doodle logo has a customizable turkey in the front of the homepage of Google. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated in United States of America as a day of offering thanks to God, for all the blessings and harvest of the past year. It is a federal holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday of the month of November since 1863. In Canada, it is considered as an annual legal holiday and is celebrated on the second Monday of October. And it is also celebrated on various other parts of the world like Japan, Netherlands, Liberia etc.

During this day of Thanksgiving, people offer Thanks to God which includes prayer and feasting. In some towns and cities special parades are conducted on this day. It is traditionally a time for the family and friends for a get together for a special meal which normally includes stuffing, turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy, cranberry sauce and other vegetables. Most schools, organizations businesses and government offices are closed on this special occasion of ‘Thanks giving day’ and it is the most busiest period of travel in Unites States. And this ‘Thanks giving day’ is also a holiday celebrated by Google every year with Google’s Thanksgiving Doodles.