Teachers’ Day 2011 in Turkey

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Teachers’ Day 2011 in Turkey. The Doodle found on today’s Google page includes a cartoon of a chalkboard behind a teacher’s desk. On the desk are books, a globe and other items a teacher might use. There is also a cone of colorful flowers, presumably a gift from a grateful student. Teachers’ Day is celebrated by many countries around the world at different times each year.

Turkey celebrates “Teachers’ Day” on November 24th each year. Mustafa Atatürk, the first President of Turkey, established a national school to educate students. Shortly afterward, he established Teachers’ Day to celebrate teachers and their valuable contributions to education. He felt strongly that teachers would be responsible for creating new generations of Turkish citizens.

Atatürk was considered to be Turkey’s “Prime Teacher” in celebration of creating and adopting a new alphabet in 1923 for the new Turkish Republic. Children celebrate Teachers’ Day in Turkey by bringing small gifts or flowers to their teachers and participating in readings and poems.