People’s Assembly Elections Egypt 2011

November 28 marked the day of the first Parliamentary election in Egypt after a massive uprising had overthrown dictator Hosni Mubarak earlier this year. And, Google decided to mark this occasion by creating a doodle to create awareness about this political landmark in Egypt. This doodle is the latest in the series of earlier ‘election awareness’ doodles that Google had created for New Zealand, Tunisia and Argentina. Every letter in ‘Google’ metamorphoses into actions in the voting process that lead up to the actual casting of vote. Though each of these doodles might look very much alike, the national flags of the countries make them quite unique and different.

The People’s Assembly is the lower house and the major legislative body of Egypt’s parliament. The People’s Assembly Elections in Egypt involve a complex process and will stretch over three stages. The first phase will include the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria among others, while the next phases involving the other regions have been scheduled for December 14 and January 3. Each stage will span over two days. To count oneself as eligible, the individual must be of at least nineteen years of age, should not be part of the armed forces, should not be under the care of a mental care facility and should not be deemed as criminals.