National Day of Romania 2011

The first day in the last month of every calendar year bears huge significance for every Romanian citizen as it marks the Romanian National Day, that is also celebrated as the ‘Great Union Day’. Though the very mention of ‘Romania’ is bound to trigger scary memories of Dracula and Bran Castle, it is also widely regarded as the place where evidences of the oldest human existence have been discovered.

The Romanian National Day marks the unification of Transylvania, the provinces of Bessarabia and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom in the year 1918. In tribute of this memorable occasion, Google has designed a ‘doodle’ specially dedicated to it. The doodle showcases a pair of dancers in traditional Romanian attire entwined in the style of their national dance ‘Hora Unirii’. The six letters in Google are written in red, yellow and blue representing the colors of Romanian national flag. The two dancers are positioned in such a way that the dancers form the two ‘O’s in the logo.

This doodle is the successor of last year’s Romanian National Day doodle that had the national flag and the national map of Romania. Join Google and millions of others in wishing this wonderful nation a ‘Happy National Day’.