Lola Mora’s 145th Birthday

Today Google’s Doodle was dedicated to Lola Mora, a Famous Argentinian sculptor. Lola Mora was born on 17th November on a lonely farm in Salta, Argentina. Her real name was Dolores Mora Vega. Though she came from humble beginnings, she was always fiery about feminism and women causes. She was also an inventor – though this is not a common knowledge – and she had a number of patents registered to her name among which one was about a system to project films and other systems for mining processes.

Today, she is well known as a revolutionary and a pioneer of women rights through her artistic projects. She started painting portraits when she was twenty years old. Though she was very good, she did not find painting fulfilling enough.

She learned sculpting marble and graphite and loved it. She always aimed for excellence in her work. She obtained a scholarship and studied, at her home province in Rome, Italy. That is where she created some of her most outstanding works. Some of her sculptures were commissioned by the Argentine Government.

Her technique and subjects were mostly controversial and rebellious and therefore were often in trouble with the authorities. For example, her sculpture, “The Nereids Fountain”, which was created for the city of Bueno Aires had to be moved a number of times from one place to another because of red tape from Government.

Lola lived a rich life, doing what she loved to do. She give generously, talked her mind and upheld her views with convinction. She died on 7th June, 1936 in Buenos Aires. Her close friends burned Lola’s letters mementos and personal diaries.

Her work is living on keeping her memory alive throughout the world:
– The Statue of Liberty in San Miguel de Tucumán;
– Four allegoric statues, named, “Peace”, “Justice”, “Liberty” and “Progress”. These four statues were initially placed before the National Congress building but later were shifted to adorn the Government House of San Salvador de Jujuy;
– The Nereids Fountain in Buenos Aires;
– Monument To The Gaucho, Rosario.

In her honor, Google created a Doodle in her memory which is being displayed in Argentina for twenty four hours today i.e. her 145th birthday – the 17th of November.