Lebanon Independence Day 2011

November 22nd Google celebrated Lebanon Independence Day 2011 by posting a Doodle in the country’s honor. The doodle features the Lebanese flag and fireworks in the background. Lebanese Independence Day celebrates the country’s freedom from France, which exercised control over the area for 23 years. Although Lebanon proclaimed its independence in 1941, France did not recognize the nation’s freedom. Other nations did, however, and in 1943 the president and prime minister of Lebanon officially changed the constitution to reflect the country’s status as an independent nation. France responded by arresting both the prime minister and the president as well as members of the political cabinet. The prisoners were exiled. These actions led to a massive international outcry against France’s actions and demanding the release of the political prisoners. Finally in 1943 France was forced to release the prisoners and finally grant Lebanon its independence. By 1946, all French troops were removed from Lebanon and the two countries signed the Franco-Lebanese Treaty.