Giò Pomodoro’s 81th Birthday

Google paid tribute to the late Gio Pomodoro with a ‘Doodle’ made on his honor to mark his 81th birthday. He was a renowned Italian sculptor, jeweller, printmaker, stage designer and the younger brother of Arnaldo Pomodoro. Born in 1930 in Orciano di Pesaro, he moved to Milan in the mid fifties where he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the leading avant-garde artists of his era.

By 1955, he was showcasing his works at some of the greatest Italian galleries of the time like Galleria del Naviglio (Milan), Galleria del Cavallino (Venice) and Galleria dell’Obelisco (Rome). He was invited to the Venice Biennale and even got a chance to exhibit at Documenta II in Kassel. At the end of the decade, Gio Pomodoro had already established himself as one of the most accomplished sculptor with a string of solo exhibitions throughout Europe. He got acclaim in the United States, South America, Israel, and Japan with a series of silver works cast on cuttlebone which he dedicated to the poet Ezra Pound.

When we dig deeper into the great artist’s works throughout his career, a certain degree of continuity will unveil itself. Each of his works has some tangible tie to his previous and following one. He broadly classifies his work into the following four moments: “Signs in the Negative” (1953–59), “Surfaces under Tension” (1958–72), “Works in Stone” (1970–80) and “Monumental Works in Stone and Bronze” (1980–2002).

In the well publicized ‘The Emptiness of Space’, the artist expresses his love for the manipulation, movement and dynamism of the various elements. He also stressed on the importance of ‘emptiness’. According to him, “emptiness is the space of sculpture.” He believed that the awareness of space leads to a strong communion with the universe. And, he also revealed that the reason why he started scripting was because of this communion.

The Google Doodle on November 17 showed the Google logo against the backdrop of a space manipulation echoing the study and works of the Italian master. Gio Pomodoro now belongs to an impressive list of ‘doodles’ associated with Italy, that includes the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.