Finland’s Independence Day 2011

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the 94th Finland’s Independence Day 2011 celebrations. This, being the first time Google has a Doodle dedicated to the Finnish Republic, the logo, painstakingly designed by Sophia Foster-Dimino, will be exclusively visible only to Finland Web browsers.

The quest for the Finnish Independence began in early 1240 AD against the Swedish regime and continued till 1917, when the Russian regime was finally thwarted on December 6th, 1917 from the last Russian Czar. No country in the history of the world has ever had to fight two foreign foes, emerge successful and grow up to be one of the finest democracies in the world.

The Doodle perfectly symbolizes the culture and diversity of Finland by creating a chic collage of the lakes, the scenic landscapes and the ducks against the backdrop of the Finnish flag fluttering high. This is in itself, a perfect testimony to the pristine, peace-loving yet competitive country. The Doodle sure captures the Finnish essence extremely well, but the absence of Santa Claus is rued, considering it is Christmas time! Anyways, more power to you, Google!