Doodle 4 Google Japan 2011

The Google Doodle for November 27, 2011 is the winner of the Doodle 4 Google: Japan contest; this year’s theme was “Someday I would like to be…” The winning Doodle is entitled “Mom,” and became the Grand Prize winner after winning the 1st-3rd grade division. The winner received a laptop, and the winner’s school received a 200 million-yen grant, equal to about $260,000 USD.

This year’s winner was from Tokyo, and semi-finalists in the 4th-6th grade, junior high, and high school categories were from Tokushima, Moriyama, and Kanagawa, Japan respectively. The 4th-6th grade winning Doodle was called “I want to be a Banker,” the junior high Doodle was called “Embellish Your Dream,” and the high school winning Doodle was called “Over the Sea, to New Discoveries.” Each of the semi-finalists received a laptop and grants equal to about $6500 USD for their respective schools.

The winning Doodle was chosen from over 100,000 entries from all over Japan, and chosen through an online, nation-wide vote. Doodle 4 Google was started in Japan in 2009 with the theme “My Favorite Thing About Japan,” and continued in 2010 with “Inhabitants of Earth.”