7 year old from India designs Google’s new Doodle for Children’s day

On 14 November, Google celebrated Children’s Day in India by putting up the doodle of 7 year old Varsha Gupta as the Google Doodle for the day. The winner of Google’s annual Doodle4Google competition, Varsha’s doodle was chosen from over 155,000 entries across India.

The traditional instruments used for each letter included the shenai, tablas, the veena and a ghungroo. Varsha explained her doodle by referencing the contributions India has made to the world in the field of music. Both in terms of instruments like the sitar , santoor and the damaru, as well as great musicians like Zakir Hussain and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. She also pointed out how music is interwoven into Hindu mythology, with some Gods and Goddesses known for their excellence at playing certain instruments, not just at joyful occasions but during wars as well. The different instruments served to describe India’s harmony in it’s diversity.

India celebrates Children’s Day on the fourteenth of November to remember the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. He emphasized the need for love and affection to children , because they are the country’s future. Children’s Day is celebrated in many schools across the country with teachers putting up special programs for their students. These include songs and skits, including some where teachers dress up as students and enact funny incidents that have happened in the classroom. Schools sometimes choose this day to felicitate certain students while all students are given sweets or goody bags to take home. Organizations hold programs for under privileged children and try to ensure as many children as possible feel special on this day.

The Doodle4Google competition is a Google initiative to encourage creativity in Indian classrooms. Students are encouraged to redesign the Google logo based on a theme. This years theme was ‘India’s Gift To the World’. Other designs students submitted included India’s contribution in the fields of science, technology and mathematics.