60th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem’s first book publication

In memory of the 60th anniversary of the legendary Polish writer, Stanislaw Lem’s first ever book publication, Google has arguably created its most elaborate doodle to date. It is perhaps fitting that Stanislas Lem is associated with this latest doodle. Like this memorable doodle, Lem’s cult novel Solaris is sure to be etched deep in the minds of every person who was fortunate enough to read it.

Even someone who is only remotely associated with the ‘world of books’ wouldn’t need any introduction about Stanislaw Lem. To the others, Lem was named a Knight of the ‘Order of the White Eagle’ and his books have sold over jaw-dropping 27 million copies and translated into a staggering 41 languages. Though he has written plenty of books, the book that made his name immortal is undoubtedly the 1961 novel Solaris. It has been adapted on the silver screen three times till now. And, some of the other notable works of Lem include the ‘Fiasco’ and ‘His master’s voice’.

But, however it is in tribute to one of his lesser known first ever book ‘The Astronauts’ that Google has created this intricately designed doodle that showcases an animated encounter between a replica figure of Lem and a gargantuan robot. The interactive doodle allows users to participate in a series of games involving puzzles and patterns and makes it a worthy tribute to one of the pioneers of Science Fiction.